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Thank you for showing interest in the services that I provide! I hope you have taken some time to get to know me a little bit better by exploring the site. I take a lot of pride in the free content that I provide in my blog and I am also available for individual coaching sessions if you would like to take a deeper dive on a my personal level. When I think about my clients and what I wish for them, it truly comes down to this: Finding the place within you where emotional stability becomes a reality through spiritual practice. Let me be your guide in finding peace within your emotions, career, and relationships. Having a companion while you embark on a healing journey can take a lot of guessing and years of trial and error out of the equation.

My six week coaching offer is for you if…

  • You feel burnt out
  • Lack motivation
  • Are dissatisfied with your career and relationships
  • Want to experience more clarity and peace

We all want to feel fulfilled in our career and relationships. We want to feel valued by others. We want less stress and to be in a good mood more often than not. Unfortunately, sometimes we are just too overwhelmed to take proper care of ourselves or maybe we just never learned how to do it!


During my six week coaching offer you will:

  • Get clear on your priorities and what you value
  • Learn to transform burn-out to feeling more at ease
  • Learn empowered ways of creating financial prosperity and begin to plan for a more meaningful career or experience at work
  • Feel a deeper sense of connection with others
  • Create a life filled with possibilities



Week 1: Getting clear on priorities (FREE)

We will work together to determine what is just not working in your life and what you actually want to happen. We will also determine what factors and patterns stand in you way.

Week 2: Taking care of your body and establishing self-care rituals 

I will determine an essential oil (s) that will be unique for you as well as assist you in establishing practices to take better care of your body.

Week 3: Feeling connected and valued in relationships 

We will explore steps to take to have a greater sense of belonging.

Week 4: Purpose and financial abundance 

We will work together to evaluate what you want out of a career and how to create financial abundance in your life.

Week 5: Freedom from overwhelm 

You will learn how to manage your stress more effectively and the best practices for addressing fearful beliefs.

Week 6: Centered and Motivated (graduation) 

We will sum it all up and I will equip you with a plan that will empower you to feel more comfortable in your own skin as well as feel enchanted with life.

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I so look forward to getting to know you better. Feel free to drop me a line with comments or questions at