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Joyless Job?


I have had some rough jobs. I started working when I was 18 years old and have had about 11 different jobs since. Some have been awesome, but more have not. That is why it became very important, early on, that I find a fulfilling career. It is so important to me that I wake up every morning without feeling dread for the day ahead and it is equally important to me that I support people in doing the same for themselves. Our work experience, much like the quality of our relationships, have a huge impact on how much joy we experience or a day-to-day basis. I become saddened when I come across people both professionally and personally who have limiting beliefs when it comes to what the are willing to do and tolerate at their respective jobs and careers. I have been in that position myself. There was a point in time when I forgot that a career and job can be a source of joy instead of completing depleting and soul sucking. I had never been so miserable and lacking in hope than when I depended on pay at a job I couldn’t stand. It created  disenchantment with the world and the possibilities it provided. I became jaded and cynical and would find myself feeling wistful when I remembered how excited I used to be when I thought about the future and the dreams I had for my life. I wanted that back and so I made it my mission to do right by myself and figure out an alternative.

So I became an entrepreneur! I wanted the freedom to create products that I believed in and knew (and know) without a doubt that serve the people I come in contact with on a daily basis. Sometimes it feels too good to be true, but I know that it is a very possible reality that anyone could experience if they choose. I have no idea how to teach people how to be entrepreneurs themselves, but I do have an alternative.

There are two ways I can help people in making their dreams a reality. One way is to receive one on one coaching with me in order to do some very in-depth work that will uncover what keeps you stuck when it comes to living your dream life. The second way is to join my dōTERRA team. Receiving one on one coaching is a great way to get clear on creating a life full of possibility, but the focus is not specific to career. That is why I wanted to share more about dōTERRA as a business opportunity if you feel that financial freedom and having a career lights you up more than participating in a coaching program where the focus is more on your life as a whole.

Working with dōTERRA, for me, has been all about restoring hope that feelings of enchantment could return and that living the life of my dreams could be a reality, rather than idealistic silliness. It is an opportunity to have a way of earning a residual income (meaning that money can be earned even while I sleep) so that my finances are not solely dependent on how many clients I can see in a given day (6 at the most). More than anything working with dōTERRA means…

Emotional and physical healing can be a  reality because we truly deserve all that is good. Misery is the symptom of a limiting belief that has taken on a life all its own, not the truth. It is through human connection and shared purpose that we can live an authentic and abundant life. 

I would LOVE to share this journey with you so please head over to my Business Opportunity page and learn how.

Even if the dōTERRA business model doesn’t speak to you, I would urge to to start looking into other ways to earn an income if your current job/career isn’t fulfilling you financially and/or spiritually. I can only speak to what I know and what has worked for me, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t tons of creative ways to earn money that will also improve your quality of life on many levels. I had learned about network marketing when I finished graduate school and knew I would be facing some serious debt, but at the time it did not sound like something I would ever in a million years be interested in doing. Now it is one of the most exciting aspects of my business both because the oils have changed my life and because of the limitless chances for growth with my income and personal growth. I wish the same for you with anything you are doing or chose to do.




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