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I wanted to do something a bit more light-hearted today. If you have read my About page you will know that a lot of why I do the work I do comes from my own mental health struggles. I tell my story because I want people to be able to see themselves in me and feel less alone. I know that I have been most helped by people who have shared their struggles and how they overcame them vs. giving me by the book pointers on how to be emotionally stable. Ideas and common sense are great, but I want to feel that I can relate to someone before I can find truth to what they are saying. That being said, there is also much more to me than mental illness, being a coach and being spiritual. The following is what being a “homebody” means to me.

  1. I have never been a competitive person and find I feel most lit up when I form an emotional connection to someone, even if they are a stranger.
  2. I am not productive and often find that I dawdle a lot because I am either engrossed in whatever I am doing or can’t focus.
  3. I never pulled an all-nighter in my life. I would rather be underprepared and miss a deadline.
  4. Big groups exhaust me. I would much rather talk to one person at a time.
  5. Small talk is a huge challenge for me. I envy people who can keep things light.
  6. As I kid I would rather read Anne of Green Gables than watch TV.
  7. When I am stressed I watch zit-popping videos.
  8. My dream is to have a cabin in the woods.
  9. I have very intense emotions and and probably cry once a day whether it is over something happy or sad.
  10. My favorite TV shows are either really cheesy dramas that kids in high school watch or brooding British crime. Nothing really in between.

And there you have it. The homebody to my mystic.




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